Searching for meaning and purpose

Searching for meaning in your life

I’ll be adding websites that have been helpful in my own search for meaning in my life. Information leading to spiritual depth and awareness and learning what it means to feel God’s Unconditional Love.

Know the God Who is always with you.

It may not feel like but I know God is always within us. He has been there for me throughout my life, even during the most darkest days, and I know He is there for you. Knowing God is about developing a relationship with Him. He wants to know you. And He wants to show Himself to you … if you’ll only listen to what He has to say.

I know that the only thing that would keep me hanging on during those days is trusting that God would never leave me. He gave me hope to keep hanging on. The pain has been so great. I didn’t think I could live through it.

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And I want your pain to go away.