Press Release

Author Reveals Impact of Domestic Violence on Women(1)

She was interviewed  for the: Arizona Republic, San Antonio Express-News, Tucson Citizen, East Valley Tribune, The London Free Press, Tulsa World, Nevada Woman, Beaumont Enterprise, Houston Style, Teen News Week and Albany Times-Union

 She has been a featured guest on radio shows such as “DayBreak USA,” a syndicated radio program and the syndicated “Frankie Boyer Show,” KIIS-FM, which is one of the most listened to top-40 radio stations in the U.S., and the Texas State News Network, which reaches nearly three million Texans each week.

The book earned a number of glowing online and newspaper reviews. Interviews were secured for the author with several religious programs, including the “Family Life Network,” and the Christopher Close-Up” show in NYC, a nationally syndicated religious television show. Finally, in-studio interviews were secured with local television stations, *KVOA-TV, *KNAZ-TV and *KSAZ-TV, where the author showcased the book and discussed the importance of domestic violence prevention and  education.

Additionally, to promote the author’s book tour, television interviews were also secured with several Houston, San Antonio and Austin television stations, including: *KTBC-TV, *KRIV-TV, *KPRC-TV, *WOAI-TV and *KENS-TV. Television


Interviews were also secured with *WKBW-TV in Buffalo, New York, and “Today’s Woman” and “Jim Chapman Live” in London Ontario, Canada.

In 2010 she was a guest on the Inter-National Cristina TalksShow in Florida. The topic was religious persecution, wide spread abuse in various organized sectors, polygamy in the early history of the Mormon Church and FLDS Church today as well as the suppression of women.

As a Media Guest:

Janice is prepared to discuss:
The personality disorder associated with abusers,
and those that are drawn into unhealthy relationships and why they stay.

The cycle abuse as it stems from childhood ( and the long term affects of abuse.) The different forms of abuse: Emotional/mental, verbal, sexual, neglect or physical abuse, and the life threatening risk involved when victims end potentially dangerous relationships.