Intuitive Life Coach


Inner Beauty is like the tiny grain of sand inside the oyster that grows into something wonderful …so is it with beautiful heartbreak, our trials by fire that open us to Divine Love and Light that exists at the core of our Inner Being.

Inside the principles of Energy Healing,  Janice teaches how to nurture old, dis-empowering beliefs into the emotional center of our divine nature to allow Love to heal and integrate our being into wholeness.

Feminine Power is about the power of relatedness. Therefore; we need to learn to lovingly mentor and accept the “unhealed aspects” of our selves.

First, we must work through the barriers. Become aware and integrate the parts of our selves that are at the center of our old, false beliefs. Developing the Inner Light, the Authentic Voice, our Inner knowing is the guidance we need, and  peace of mind as we take the steps towards the life we are meant to live.

It is your sacred duty to sacred duty to pay attention to what you want and to let yourself want it. We are conditioned to suppress our feelings, our needs and desires, and within seconds we can say, “it’s not possible.” We’re self engrossing in excuses and reasons why we can’t or why we shouldn’t.  But for a moment, I want you to remember your highest calling at this moment is to watch for the moments you run away from and instead run towards and embrace what you really do want!

Let yourself want. Don’t make it a goal or add it to your list but let this be your most “naked” yearning and longing wanting!

 Celebrate the rising of desire, feel the shimmering impulse of its desire vibrating the body into motion. Attend to this rising as the Illumination of Self.

1. Pay attention to your Self, to your feelings, and to your needs.

2. Self care is the foundation upon which all that is wonderful comes to you.

3. Build a strong sense of self trust.

4. Believe in your wildest dreams and allow God to unfold your life perfectly.

5. Faith is what you realize when you have nothing else to hold on to.

6. Your life is perfect just the way it is.

7. You are where you are meant to be – right now.