Inspirational Speaker


Amazing, beautiful, passionate and UNIQUE…This is who you are and
he secret to your success is developed through steps of growing deeper in Self Awareness,
healing the subconscious mind & removing obstacles as you integrate and become whole.

Janice knows of the essential healing power of self love. The courage it takes to say, “No More,” and the passion to make a difference for others.

As an International Speaker she magnifies the calling of all women to be the gift the world has waited for. To lift each other, as daughters of our Divine Heavenly Mother.
To know we are sisters to one another
and passionate fires of the Goddess Energy.

As a guest speaker for Domestic Violence Organizations,  Jan invokes heartfelt  desire through her dynamic and eloquent voice for those who can to make a difference…to be the difference that changes lives one at a time.

Compassion turns hopelessness 34058540903685972_eG1wRbC2_c2266into avenues of success,
and families into threads of strength
that build the fabric of our society.

Invite Janice and her daughter, Lynsey, as a volunteer team to speak at your high school. Together they form a magnetic team with a wealth of information to share with teen’s (and their mothers!) They offer an inside view of the emotional trauma carried on from childhood abuse and how the pattern created a cycle in both their lives. They also learned to work through the pain together when Lynsey gave birth as a teen mom. First hand, Lynsey knows the risks of teen dating violence, the challenges of teen-pregnancy and how painful it has been growing up with domestic violence.

Through the difficult times they forged a unique bond, learned to communicate, forgive, and love beyond measure.

Today Lynsey is working towards her degree in Social Work at UTEP. She also volunteers as an Advocate for Children with CASA in El Paso, Texas. Invite Janice (and Lynsey) to speak at your event.


When speaking at High Schools for the prevention of Teen Dating Violence or Events for Domestic Violence Awareness/Fundraisers, this is what others had to say:

Janice’s voice is inspirational. As she spoke at our fundraiser for Tucson’s Center for Women and Children, she brought to life the reality of the suffering among women and children. She speaks from the heart with such eloquence and truth, she touched the hearts of all those in attendance who gave her a standing ovation.

Norma C. Director (Tucson’s Center for Women and Children.)

Janice was our guest speaker at a fund raiser for New Leaf Organization and what a powerful presentation she gave. Her story touched many hearts that night and later on she inspired many of our women from the shelters to become like the woman she is today. She is amazing, compassionate, wise with a gift, a voice unlike any other.

Debbie. J New Leaf (Women’s Crisis Shelter)

We were fortunate to have Janice speak to our students at Mountain View High School. She captivated the students attention. She was inspirational to these young students and many came to me after she left saying how she influenced them to change their behavior and to better their lives with healthier relationships.

She was an amazing and powerful speaker with the ability to reach the hearts and understand the problems the youth were facing in regards to abusive relationships.

Jen K. Nurse Mountain View High School

The students loved Janice as she took each one of them through the steps of an unhealthy, abusive relationship. She is inspirational with a gift to connect and communicate with the young students at Beaumont High School. Her beauty and grace inspired the students and many wrote letters of gratitude to her for spending time with them educating and helping them making better choices in
their lives.

Bob K Beaumont High School, Tx

Janice filled the auditorium with parents and students speaking to each one with persuasion to come together and end the cycle of abuse. She has a command of the language with which she speaks by experience. She has compassion for the suffering of those who are affected by violence and solutions and resources for those to get the help they need. Her presence on stage is magnetic and her voice is powerful and inspirational. She is magnificent in holding your attention with reality of the seriousness of abusiveness relationships.

Jennifer Red Mountain High School