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(Mother of six children and 4 grand children, she is living in El Paso, Texas.)


My passion is guiding women through the Mystical Journey of Self Empowerment by discovering a deeper sense of Self Awareness. 


~Janice Romney, Published Author, Intuitive Life Coach & Inspirational Speaker.


Love is what we are, a source that flows through us connecting us to God and all that has been created to give us joy.  First we must uncover the richness that exists at the core of our being…these are the treasures, the gifts of life that reveals Truth through the in-born Light that is part of us.


Born and raised in the Mormon Colonies in Mexico, Janice has a diverse understanding of an impoverished country where women and children suffer economically and from abuse with few resources and ability to fend for themselves. She comes from a background of prejudicial injustices against women not only from the practice of polygamy but the present in-equality of women and a suppression of their highest potential under religious indoctrination.


Janice is an acclaimed speaker and inspirational voice for women. Since 2004, she has mentored women in crisis from spousal/partner abuse, and taught high school students the risks of teen dating violence.
Janice has been interviewed on National TV and on over 170 talk show radio across the country. She is well known for her powerful voice and devotion to empower women and change lives.
She brings hope and instills courage as an author, intuitive coach, woman, mother, and spiritual leader to everything she does. Janice passionately uses her ability to use energy to transform lives, empower women to discover their true calling, ignite the Light within, and live true to their divine nature. She loves to create opportunities for others to deeply experience what they are learning to be inspired, and to find their authentic voice.