STOP the cycle of abuse! This book is a must-read not only for survivors, but for their loved ones too. Janice gives birth to a break through and understanding so desperately needed today. Truly this book is one of the most painful stories I have ever read. For Janice to share such private, personal violence in an attempt to heal is to be admonished.

This book gives an inside view, to comprehend and help victims let go and find inner peace. The first steps towards this deep inner healing can start today with Beyond the Power of Love.” – Darlene Nelson.

Celebrate your life by using three simple steps to begin your healing journey:

1) Forgiveness
2) Gratitude
3) God’s Love

Janice offers awareness events for adolescents and teenagers about the risks of dating violence, bullying, and other issues our youth face today. Her message encourages self esteem, empowerment and solutions to the problems facing our youth.

As parents we need to recognize the core issues of defiant and troubled behaviors and discover ways to help them through therapy and creating a safe and loving environment for children to feel safe and develop emotionally and spiritually.